PCI-Based Sumo Site Prediction Server

J.R. Green, G.M. Dmochowski, and A. Golshani

James Green

Ashkan Golshani
Description  Developing systems to accurately predict protein structure and function from sequence is of fundamental importance to biology and medicine. An effective solution would enable true computational drug design and would lead to an increased understanding of complex and devastating disease processes such as cancer. While progress continues to be made on the prediction of structure from sequence, knowledge of a protein's structure may not be sufficient to discern its function. For example, most proteins undergo some form of post-translational modification (PTM) following initial synthesis which may have a profound impact on protein function.

Sumoylation is an important form of reversible PTM which involves the addition of one or more SUMO proteins to a substrate protein. Here we present a novel approach for the prediction of sumoylation sites on proteins, making use of parallel cascade identification, a powerful method of nonlinear system identification. No assumptions are made regarding subcellular localization nor the presence of a sequence motif which makes this a broadly applicable method.

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